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Geography series
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Geography series

Geography series

Product type:Underground lamp


  model: QC-MD-04

power: 1*1W

color effects: R/G/B/Y/W/WW

input voltage: AC85-265V 50/60HZ

size: 65 x H62mm

protection grade: IP65

Product details

buried to lamp lamp body for pressure adze or stainless steel, material, rugged, anti-seepage, thermal performance excellent; surface cover for 304# fine cast stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, anti-aging; silicone sealed circle, waterproof performance excellent, resistance high temperature, anti-aging; high strength tempered glass, through photometric strong, light radiation width, bearing capacity strong; all substantial screws are with stainless steel ; Protection degree IP65; optional plastic embedded part, easy installation and maintenance.
To buried lamp in shape Shang well of also has round of, widely for Mall, and parking, and green with, and Park Brigade buried to lamp tour attractions, and residential community, and city sculpture, and walk Street, and building steps, places, main is buried Yu ground, used to do decorative or indicates lighting of with, also some used to wash wall or as tree, its application has quite big of flexibility.
It is small in size, low power consumption, long life characteristics of sturdiness and durability. low power consumption, long life
Buried light, easy to install, chic, elegant, leakproof, waterproof;
1, LED lighting, long life, no almost no need to change the bulb, a construction, for several years.
2, low power consumption, without lighting, landscaping and high electricity bills.
3. waterproof, dust-proof, resistant to pressure and corrosion

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