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Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Expo 2016 Smart Home

Source:company news   Published time:2016-04-15

yesterday, 2016, the Hong Kong International exhibition on smart HOME is over, show in 2016 4 10th-April 15 Hong Kong International Exhibition Centre was held, this exhibition was so successful that major is for exhibitors to get a satisfactory answer, ESUN as intelligent household industry well-known brands are also actively involved in the final.

it is understood that in the current exhibition, ESUN intelligent monitoring lights product line will be updated, that is, model ESUN-X5X intelligent monitoring and controlling light To meet with you. We can keep our eyes " Kai e technology "app you can get product News, public, we wait for you and friends enthusiasm to join.

as Hong Kong's largest, most professional exhibition of intelligent HOME, smart HOME show by Hong Kong associations and a number of well-known brands, strong jointly, based in Hong Kong, the exhibition the global radiation, actively promoting the smart HOME, intelligent lighting and electrical applications, for the industry to grasp the latest Intelligent technology, Standard and development trends of high performance platforms.

with intelligent household industry's strong rise in recent years, the growing influence of the exhibition, and gradually become an important Exchange platform for intelligent household industry. Several intelligent household industry giant would have involved ESUN smart HOME as a starting platform for New Products, and therefore attached great importance to the exhibition, so your participation is important to show how little? Therefore, we will invite the major interest in ESUN smart HOME development, aspires to a sustainable development of intelligent household industry, or the enthusiasm of friends interested in smart HOME show.


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