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Ceiling Care and Cleaning Tips Know

Source:company news   Published time:2016-03-10

Attention to indoor temperatures, especially crystal ceiling, often prescribed a specific ambient temperature, the temperature is too high or too low will affect its life, so to maintain a suitable temperature.

Peacetime should regularly check the lighting, if the lamp foot poor Contact or loose starter should be promptly re-installation and adjustment.

Although the ceiling close to the ceiling, but when the lights will absorb some of the electromagnetic response or dust in the air. Lighting will attract mosquitoes flying into the shade, so remember to keep a clean HOME environment, clean up more lamps to prevent lights dimmed.

Wipe stand accessories: When wiping bracket, accessories, soft cloth dampened with water especially alcohol do not water, to avoid abrasions plating layer outside the protective film, surface glossy effect lighthouse.

Wipe crystal beads: Rub crystal beads, there must be a soft cloth stained with detergent diluted with water and gently in the front and back crystal beads while wiping (wiping the beads can not pinch and pull down, to avoid tearing beads ).

Caution Avoid hard objects touch lamps, lamps or easy to scratch the surface, but also a serious let the lamp body fragmentation.

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