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Solution of intelligent energy saving monitoring system for LED lamps

Source:company news   Published time:2016-03-10

City street lighting is an indispensable public facility in daily life. It is understood that the current power consumption of street lamps in China accounted for About 15% of the total electricity consumption. In the face of the tension of the power supply, manual control, street inspection has become an indispensable practical work, but also a need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources. Existing traditional energy-saving measures only by the night off lights, adjust the street lights switch time, electricity tight shut down landscape lighting and other initiatives to achieve, the method is simple and has little effect. In the current LED street lights in the country to explore the road ahead, but also need to combine the characteristics of LED street light to explore its own LED control system.

It is understood, at present market application in LED drive power management, LED lighting energy-saving intelligent monitoring solutions can be described as rare.

Obvious advantages of the two energy saving monitoring system

For street lamp, tunnel lamp, square lighting, industrial lighting, such as the implementation of a comprehensive intelligent control management will save artificial checklist, more than 80% of the cost, so in the LED industry has a strong market demand.

First, energy saving, save money.

150W solution of LED street lamps, for example, the rod spacing: 30m/, the two sides symmetrical cloth lights, 66 lights per kilometer per kilometer light:

On the system's energy efficiency, in order to be intuitive, can be considered a sum of accounts:

"Cost per kilometer increase (batch) * 90 (:66 lamp power line carrier module, concentrator) =5940 yuan;

10 kilometers increased input costs (batch) * 90 (:660 lamp power line carrier module, concentrator) =59400 yuan;

Every year every daily maintenance service fee: 50 yuan;

Saving electricity per kilometer per year: 66 x 0.31 x 365 days =7467.9 yuan;

10 kilometers per year to save electricity: 7467.9 yuan x 10 km =74679."

Second, you can implement the rapid maintenance of security services.

Due to remote and rapid diagnosis of LED street lamp failure, based on the local service personnel to respond, so that the average maintenance time control MTTR less than 8H, municipal street light management department actually feel LED street light every night to work properly. "

Third, is to protect the user's early investment.

The existing system can be directly upgraded to the intelligent street lamp control system to avoid repeated investment after the power supply is coupled with the power carrier module. And the system to adapt to the future of the street lamp management department of energy saving transformation and upgrading, such as the installation of LED street lamps and so on, can be directly realized remote control dimming function, to avoid the two transformation."

Fourth, using DALI protocol communication technology, to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, multi function, high reliability and intelligent management.

The solutions Products on the design and implementation of energy-saving, environmental protection, multi-function, high reliability and intelligent management target, increase development "based on Dali protocol lamp intelligent control function, innovation in traditional power in the Dali protocol communication technology, through independent communication line, for each lamp LED street lamp for remote monitoring, so as to realize the intelligent management of the LED street lamp switch, dimmer, brightness feedback, state inquiries, fault alarm, packet control, to further energy saving and improve the service life of the LED lamps to. From the lighting use time to calculate, intelligent control of the LED system is About the power consumption of non intelligent LED power consumption of 3/4 or even lower.