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What are the new directions for the development of smart home in the earthquake in Japan?

Source:Industry News   Published time:2016-04-28

smart HOME to life at the same time, also hope to bring security, especially when an earthquake occurs, hope smart HOME Products Became the protector of life, guardian, lives in a dangerous barrier.

smart HOME can predict earthquakes?

So far, International is also no good way to predict earthquakes, but the scientific community is trying to break through, hoping the arrival of early warning earthquake to quickly evacuate personnel and property, with the development of sensors and Smart HOME technology, HOME automation and sensors can for earthquake prevention service.

It is understood that the United Kingdom researchers use RFID and sensors to monitor earthquakes in the housing, which uses Intelligent HOME technology. They have been built in Greece the prototype called curing houses. This House designed a slot in the wall space and wall joined the material becomes fluid under pressure. If the pressure caused by earthquakes, fluids back into the slot, will not affect the solid wall.

As a result, housing still exists, but it may be moved. If the building didn't collapse, data collected through RFID and sensors will be used to judge position offset. In addition, the architecture of RFID tags and sensors can work together to build an alarm system, warning the coming earthquake.

In Japan, RFID tags are attached to the refuge on the road so that asylum-seekers can clearly know the safe haven of a portable device location, played a very good role. If someone is buried in the ruins, trapped mobile phone via built-in RFID tags to provide search-and-rescue personnel to their specific location information, so that rescuers could rescue at a fast speed.

Smart HOME technology is not just play a due role in the earthquake, also has a prominent role in other natural disasters. Monitoring and measurement of mountain, there are special areas in the reservoir area of the three gorges landslide disaster monitoring and early warning.

future development of smart HOME: sensor + shock?

Today, in the more and more frequent natural disasters, future HOME technology will minimize the disaster.

In the intelligent city of the future, intelligent HOME practical, especially in the earthquake had done.

November 19, 2010, friends broke the News that, home smart Monitor monitor lamp rush alert alarm system suddenly occur. Meanwhile, residential buildings appear to be significant vibrations. 10 minutes later, News reports in Yangjiang in Guangdong province a 4.9-magnitude earthquake. The user wants to, smart home system is also reported an earthquake?

While claiming there are plenty of smart home systems product Security interaction is high, can protect the family safe, but can come real accurate prediction of earthquakes and other natural disasters or perception, is still unknown. Early warning earthquake, this is not only the user desires, it can be said as well as industry development direction. smart home Products or smart home systems, is based on the Internet of things, sensor technology, earthquake early warning function of the intelligent home system.

A few days ago, foreign researchers also developed by Graphene for raw material of New sensors, can feel from the construction, furniture, supplies of molecules of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) gas molecules from the gas concentration, changes in animal behavior to detect earthquakes, may well be a direction.

If the smart home systems only capable of early warning earthquake, earthquake in complex environments, that thought or idea a little boring and waste. Smart home of the future development goals, should be able to at the time of the earthquake, also automatically cut off to protect personal and property safety. Home computer, television, air conditioning, taps, sockets and other sensors are installed, when you feel strong shaking can automatic disconnect switch, to avoid wire damage leakage hurts.

If the people on the outside, these smart devices will be in the person's mobile phone or portable data, to let people know About home


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