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2016 Interior lighting of the four trends

Source:company news   Published time:2016-03-10

Lightingdesigntakes on whatNewfeatures?What kindoflightingmostconsumers?Recently,Beijing'slargestlampspecialtystoresissued the BandungmeetingOcean2011lighting the fourfashiontrends,art,pastoralcharm,romanceandnostalgiabecome the mostrepresentativelightingfashionthemes.As an importantelementofHOMEdecorlamps,alsochased the paceoffashion.Lampsdesignedwith"love", which makeslightingProductsmorecloselywithpeople'slives,inthelighting of living roomspace at the same time,brings a warm,romanticart.

Artthoughts of somethingcalledartoftenhas a spiritual,perhapspatternofelegance,charm,is a complexproductionprocess,there is alwaysamovingforce,soyouwant tobringitHOME.

Industryexpertssay thatnowthere is a growingrecognitionlightdecoration,decorationideas,lightingProductscomply withthisdemand,incorporatingmanyelements of artindesign.Lightingisalightingproduct not so muchthanitsartcanbringpleasuretopeople.

Followtheartpopularpulse,lampsdesignedwithmanyemotional,artisticcolor is verystrong. Like will embroidery process using to lamps design in the, in parchment shade Shang stitch to embroidered out Phoenix pattern, again distribution to fine of wood box, to people brings great of art impact; to beautiful, and beautiful of Peony spent for creation object, with hands of brush painted out a flower flower of Peony spent and winding of spent branch, enchanting of Peony spent makes lamps became vivid fresh up; using advanced of fiber technology, will qianbaitiao filament from roof hanging down, far see like a road Meteor from stars across, to HOME in the brings different of beautiful.

Gardenglamour"PickingchrysanthemumsDongli, the leisurelyseeNanshan."In the fastpaceofcitylife,manypeopleyearn for the works of Tao Yuanming'spastoral,hopetocloseContactwithnature.2011fixturesdesignedto cater tothisdemand, the pastoralcharmoffashiontrendscame into being,theuniqueelements of natureinto the design,it is not necessary togo outtofeel the breathofnature. Like shade used glass manual paste and into, grape, and pear, and Apple, fruit became decorative and dotted, HOME suddenly diffuse with pure of fruit incense; in chandelier or Wall lamp Shang using metal made various flowers, as lamps of subject, tendrils, and leaves, and flowers are do have is realistic, sat HOME in the seemed exposure nature; some lamps with LED, hi-tech technology, change past in fake branches Shang winding a series series small lamp imitation branches of practices, let branches, and leaves are can glow, Lexlikearealtreeflourishedintheir ownHOME.

RomanticHOMEsarewarmHarbor,when it wasdeepaffection,peoplewant the surroundingsceneandatmospherefullofcharm,whichis to createtheatmosphereof the protagonist.In 2011, the BandungmeetingOceanHallsetanumber of lightingexperienceMuseum,art gallery,camearound in acircle,youwillfind thatlightsnotonlylightingtool,butwithsofas,tables,beds and evenintegration of decorativepainting,ornaments,becomean integralpartofHOMEdécor,addsunlimitedromanticatHOME.

Lightscreate a romanticmoodis an importanttrendthisseason,dominate the moodofclimatechangearedifferentlight phase.Abeam of lightorabouquet of flowersnext to the hitTVon,ortodecorativepaintingon the wall,orplayingontheliving roomcoffee table in the middleof,willhave a differentlookandstyle.Lampscan bered,yellow,blue,color,choosetwocolorsmix,you candeduce the warmestspring,warmsummerandharvestthefallandthewinter.

Nostalgiaisnostalgiacomplexof the peoplecan be hard toshake,ordinarysmallthingsinpreviousyears,astimegoes by,maynow be moreNewandvaluable,such askerosene lamps,lanternsand otherobjects that had beenused in the past,isapopularelementoflighting.Captureinspirationfromsomeeverydayitems,designaleisurelynostalgialamps,as2011Newphenomenon that cannot beignored.

Nostalgia complex of popular greatly inspired has designer of inspiration, like, now people General with Shang has air conditioning, and added has fan of chandelier was produced inexplicable of intimacy; has from people sight in the disappeared of kerosene lamps styling, let people full Miss; past House lighting or travel Shi common of Red Lantern, now was design into Wall lamp, and chandelier, and lamp, inspired up people nostalgia of emotional.