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The sixteenth session of the Hunan intelligence security products and Technology Expo

Source:Industry News   Published time:2016-04-26

16th Hunan smart security product and Technology Expo
Date: May 13, 2016-15th
Location: Changsha Red Star International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Concurrent activities
Awarding Conference: Hunan security industry to 2015 business integrity award
Summit invited the representatives of authority and give a wonderful speech, organizational exhibitors to communicate with the user, forward-looking, authoritative, practical application of concepts to market.
Topic forum: digital communities and safety city construction forum, city alarm monitoring technology seminar and exhibition of the achievements of the Hunan security industry engineering experience exchange and recognition of the General Assembly, invited the Government of public safety, Enterprise, academic professional development prospects, business philosophy and safety city construction for forward-looking in-depth discussion.
Project: organizing in the South project promotion meeting, information for exhibitors and customers with rich resources and huge business opportunities.
Special Lecture: enterprises for New technology and Products in the fields of thematic lectures, technical forums, South market in establishing or improving marketing network, to develop a comprehensive marketing plan, doubling the market and increase brand awareness.
Contract signing ceremony: organized by the organizers and the Organizing Committee of exhibitors held a grand ceremony with engineering and user.

Technology on May 13 in Shenzhen Shenzhen Kai-Chen looks forward to your visit!

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