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New trend of smart home lighting LED ceiling

Source:company news   Published time:2016-03-10

LED ceiling light as the main HOME lighting Products, which can be used as the main lamp of the living room, but also can be used in the bedroom, corridors, toilets and other places, is a simple decoration style HOME consumers preferred.

Ceiling light source

Generally speaking, the first light from the Western antique style living room lights, this time the light source is the incandescent lamp. The ceiling lamps originated in 1995 - 1996, due to the shape of the sun, so was the industry known for "lamp", main annular tube and the inductance ballast, appearance simple and single material, and lighting efficiency high and high space efficiency, driven by the huge sales market.

Led ceiling lamps began in 2008 - 2010, when we open the web search, the screen will appear a smart led ceiling lamps, ultra-thin appearance, simple, texture classic, wireless remote control, light color and Nightlight device. This led ceiling lamps in 2010 from the team. Design elements inspiration from the imitation of the sun and moon shaped lighting appliances, static look at Sun Moon, the whole of the middle of the day for the month, the sun and the moon, the cycle of circulation. Dynamic look at cold warm (light dimming), month Yingque changes (distance perspective). Night lights four stars are like stars in the sky. Extreme simplicity, sense and simplicity, this is HOME Furnishing suction style lamp lighting forever.

LED ceiling light in smart

HOME lighting emitting heat

When still a concept of smart HOME lighting, led ceiling lamps is quietly carrying people all kinds of lighting ideas, control idea and the light environment to pursuit, dimmer switches, remote control dimmer, delay shutdown, night illumination, atmosphere lighting, lighting lighting, color illumination and without exception in highly personalized led ceiling lamps get full play and vividly reflected.

LED ceiling light from the general development to the combination type, and then develop to today's intelligent. In the future for a long period of time, LED ceiling light in the ordinary HOME and smart HOME lighting will occupy a very important place.

LED ceiling lamp function

Personalized development trend

The development trend of smart HOME lighting reflects the seven characteristics:

The dimming, for the first time in LED lamps. SCM applications, the two high and low temperature LED drivers for empty quantitative calculation to simulate the natural light from morning to noon to evening illumination and color temperature changes, and promote the New development of dynamic lighting, which is a New initiative of human, is the traditional lamp can not be achieved.

Night lamp function, can not be ignored. Most of the market ceiling lamps not night light function, but this obscure details design, let a lot of people sit up and take notice;

The colorful RGB light color, warm and romantic, beautiful private gatherings and birthday PARTY;

The natural light induction, constant illumination and output mode. Through the light sensor, can output the morning sleep mode, mode and mode of entertainment;

The human body induction, automatic HOME energy saving mode;

The electrical function of composite, HOME Furnishing lighting New highlights: air purification lamps or ceiling fan;

The intelligent Home Furnishing interconnection function.

Can be seen, this is a subversion of the times, as long as you have ideas, there will be as.